My lovelies, I hope you are enjoying my content so far- on my blog and Instagram. I am sincerely grateful to those who always read and share my posts. I am especially grateful to those who continually give me feed back and go out and try these goodies. You guys make me a better blogger by doing so. In my previous haul post (click here to see), I mentioned that I will be doing one of these each month. As promised, I have brought you another cosmetics haul post. This month I have grabbed a variety of goodies from my absolute favourite brands right now. Here is my August Cosmetics Haul.

PS: This months haul was purchased by using Clicks Online and it was delivered within 2 days.

The Body Shop, Essence, Swiitch Beauty, L.A Girl & NYX

I know I said 2 or 3 products in my last haul. This month I felt like splurging a little. However, I need to say these are products I have been eyeing for the longest time. So let’s get into it.

NYX Cosmetics Cream Highlight + Contour Palette in Medium – R179.95 

If you are just getting into makeup and you are looking for a brand that is high-end and somewhat affordable then I would highly recommend NYX Cosmetics. I am no stranger to their contour products. When I started contouring I used the NYX liquid contour/highlight sticks. But lately I have been heavily into the cream contour trend and I must say it has a longer lasting finish. This one from NYX is very compact and fits into my little makeup bag perfectly. The highlighter shade is very pigmented and so velvety.

The Body Shop Vitamin C Energising Face Mist – R160.00

If you are a fan of makeup artists or beauty bloggers, like me – hearing the words “dewing finish” should not be a shock to you. How have I been achieving this? By using the Vitamin C Energising Face Mist to set my makeup looks. It is a very refreshing mist and smells so good. It gives my face an extra lift and glow, that is very natural.

Essence Kajal Pencil in the shade Teddy – R19.95

This one was a fan purchase. I am a massive fan of Le Chelle Aldridge from Taylor Mde Blog and she uses this to tight line her water line. I was very interested in trying this out since most days I don’t wear a gel liner. Using the Kajal Pencil to fill in my water line really does fill out my tiny lashes and gives my eyes that extra oompf.


Essence Gel Mascara Make Me Brow – R24.00

This was another recommendation from Le Chelle – seriously guys her YouTube channel is the boss. My brow routine hasn’t changed for the past 3 years. Using this brow mascara was a bit of a scary thing but I must say I have been liking the more tone down effect it gives off. It is a lot more natural but still fills in my brows nicely. This product does not budge throughout the day. No sweaty brows for me yall.

L.A Girl Pro Concealer in Creamy Beige –  R59.75

This one is an oldy but a goodie. I just got it in a different shade this time but I find myself always going back to the creamy, buttery concealer by L.A Girl. This you can find at Dischem. What is the best selling point of this product? For me is the coverage. I suffer from terrible bags under my eyes so this covers it right up. Secondly, the applicator is attached! so you just squeeze and apply.

Metal Gloss Range from Swiitch Beauty – R450.00

When these brushes were released, my heart stopped and went to cosmetic heaven. I simply love, love, love Swittch Beauty and can you even blame me. I have reviewed their palette’s before (See here). These brushes are so easy to clean and there has been zero hair fall out. The pickup and release is really good and it barely absorbs. I cannot stand it when there is more product on the brush than my face. This brush set comes with 10 brushes, perfect for the makeup-intermediate. Here is a link to read more about these brushes.

I hope you have enjoyed this haul posts. Please comment below on which posts you would like to see more on the blog and I will get right to it.