Hey lovelies, my heart hopes you are all well and happy. I am finally ready to share some big news. Well, it is pretty major to me. 4 Weeks ago I did this little video and posted it on my YouTube Channel, chatting a bit about where my head was at with the whole being a blogger etc. (If you haven’t seen it, here is a link). In it, I mention how I was having such a hard time really making it in the blogging game. But finally, I realized that I needed to drive all my efforts into one direction. I, mean I was stretching myself, trying to cover all the niches’, when my passion was really geared for 2 things. I need to be filling my boss girl shoes with passion and pride. This year I really was not doing that.

You know when you start working out, it feels as if your muscles are all bruised and blue? This was my creativity, trying to be everything and everywhere. I, mean things are bound to fall through the cracks. Narrowing it down to 2 hats has really helped put my creativity back into overdrive. I am filled with passion, inspiration, and love for blogging again. Taking it back to what I started with. and DRUM ROLL…


It is decided. Your girl Luna was geared to be a Fashion and Lifestyle blogger.

For the year ending 2017 into 2018, I will be focusing on lifestyle content (things I love like food, shopping, and life hacks) and of course fashion content. I have a few amazing projects lined up with designers for next year and I will be covering fashion shows, lifestyle events and of course sharing silly stories from my experiences.

I realized in order to grow and to win, you need to be stretched and allow yourself to molded and guided. This will push you into the spaces that will make you a better version of yourself.


This look is me finally stepping into the shoes of a fashion content creator. Letting my inner boss girl thrive for a bit. I went to the store twice over this dress. I refused to buy it the first time I tried it on because I was like: “nope, I cannot pull this off”. Then the Ashley Graham in me said: “Luna, you can do pull this off”. I have never been so happy with life and where I am at. Opening my heart to opportunity. You all can be at peace now. I will not be ranting about the tough blogger life anymore. I am here to stay finally doing what I originally set out to do.

Come along on the journey with me.

Dress: Cotton On/ Shoes: MrP / Jacket: Truworths