Good morning, my lovelies! Super happy to be bringing you another amazing edition of CRAFTMAS. If you are just starting to read my content, let me get you up to speed. Craftmas is a series dedicated to the wonderful creatives at Emporium Craft Space. They make their home at WERK_ in the Baakens Valley area, Port Elizabeth. Craftmas is also a mini guide to epic gift giving with a focus on handcrafted items for the locals in my hometown, Port Elizabeth #SupportLocal.

However, if you are visiting PE, give the WERK_ space a visit. It is truly wonderful and there are amazing things to see, buy, eat and wonder over.


Emporium Craft Space is a melting pot of artisanal goodness. It is a collective collaboration between artists, bringing their goods to a well throughout retail space. Here you can walk in and simply take your pick of handcrafed items, unique in its own right.


My fashionable-self went a little “bos” when I saw all the leather bag goodness at the Emporium Craft space. This timeless item is hands down the best possible gift you could give someone. Want to know why? Well…

  1. It is leather meaning it lasts forever
  2. The leather is always in style no matter what and it is easily parable with any outfit.
  3. It is a gift you can give to both women and men. Man bags are all the rage right now.
  4. Need I say more?

The Emporium Craft Space is home to handcrafted leather bags that are simply phenomenal leather smith. You can also grab a lovely fabric bag, if leather isn’t your thing. The color variety is great and they come in various sizes and styles. Something for everyone, I reckon. These designs are well thought out and have a lived feel to them. I, unfortunately, did not get to meet the person(s) behind them but I would love if you guys headed over to Emporium Craft Space to grab one of these for yourself or a loved one this Christmas.

In case you missed it, you can read up on other creatives from this space in previous posts. There will be one more Craftmas post up on the blog so keep an eye out for that one. I hope these gift ideas have helped you. Let me know by commenting below.