Good Monday lovelies, It is a bittersweet one for me. I head back to work today. But I am super happy to bring you some fresh content. Yes, since the school term is back on in the Eastern Cape, little old me has to go back to the desk job. So last week I decided to spend my vacation indoors working on various projects #Staycation. With that, I mostly spent my days in yoga pants and massive t-shirts. It was needed guys. I was in a bit of health slump and I needed to rest.

How to ease back in work fashion

We all know the feeling of being on vacation, wearing all the comfy, chilled items in our wardrobe. But since it is back to work for me, I had to take a minute to figure out how to dress for work again. The solution was pretty easy to find once I put my mind to it. If you haven’t yet, go and watch my YouTube video on wardrobe essentials here. This video actually saved me so much time, trying to gather my mind for work ware.

This look is my go-to for those days when I am feeling too lazy to dress up and I am having a hectic week. I will grab a good pair of jeans, boots and a plain t-shirt. What makes this look perfect for work is, of course, the blazer. This item of clothing can add that element of professionalism and class to any look. To spice this look up I added a pair of fish net socks just because. Being a little extra never hurt.

I know next week will be better as I will be in the swing of things but I think this will be my staple look for the week. Mixing it up with loafers, my sleeveless blazer, maybe even my shirt dresses.



  1. Collared Button-up Shirts – Have these in a variety of colors, cuts, and accents
  2. Cardigans – This will give you a more feminine look instead of the blazer
  3. Black Shoes – A good pair of black heels, loafers or boots are just a good option to keep your look professional.
  4. Keep the accessories minimal – This will make your outfit classic.

Jeans: Mr Price | Choker: The Fix | Socks: Woolworths | Tshirt: Cotton on 

Blazer: Cotton on | Boots: Superbalist | Bag: Forever New | Shades: The Fix