Good Day, my lovelies! I bring you FASHION content #YAY! Weeks and weeks have passed since I have done a proper shoot for you guys. Thankfully, this amazing collaboration came my way. The wonderful team at Label collections asked me to put a look together with one of their dresses and accessories. I was happy to oblige. The timing could not have been better. I am in the space of changing up my wardrobe by incorporating layering and selecting pieces with interesting cuts and fringing etc. For this look, the lovely Nadia Turton from Label Collections sent me a darling baby doll dress and a gold bracelet.

With these items, I went to my wardrobe to put a darling look together.


For this look, I wanted it to be very darling and feminine but comfortable. I selected my favorite pair of jeans and my favorite pair of blush pink shoes (My wedding shoe actually).  This ensemble was such a departure for me and a breath of fresh air. Recently, for my daily looks, I’ve been gravitating to the urban street style. It felt so good to pop on this dress and layer it. Really felt lady-like, I must say.

I was really inspired by my favorite fashion blogger right now – Dina Tokio. She is usually into bagging clothing (she’s a modest fashion blogger). However, when she dresses up for events, her outfits will incorporate delicate layering in the form of dresses or really beautiful shirts and of course a good pair of pointe shoes. I channeled her for this look.



“It is our intention to design pieces that are for longevity and not landfill, always chic and comfortable, reflecting the confidence and versatility of our global customer. ”  – Label Collections 

Label Collection is a wonderful brand with a vast collection of dresses, shirts, trousers etc. This brand is literally for every kind of shopper. The edgy dame to the dainty darling. You can find anything on their website. The quality is really high-end and the service is wonderful. It is more on the high-end side (price wise) so it is the perfect site to get those statement pieces that will last you for years to come.

Give their site a look by clicking HERE

You can find them on social media by clicking HERE and HERE 



Dress: Label Collection

Bracelet: Label Collections

Bag: Daniel Hechter

Jeans: The Fix

Shoes: Aldo