My Last Few Hours As Miss Groepe

Hello, Hello, Hello my lovelies – so happy to be sitting down and writing this post. However, I must confess that I am doing so whilst making dinner for hubby and I. #Winning! Adding a new title to my portfolio has been keeping me busy. Yes, that’s why I have been so quiet on the blog. But, the time away was needed and I feel super stoked to be back after having an amazing wedding day and a restful honeymoon.

However, I did feel the need to recap each and every component of what was probably the best day of my life. My wedding day. It was a beautiful overcast weekend. Gosh, we thought the weather would turn. Living in PE, you never really know what you are going to get. That Saturday morning was crisp and chilled with no rain in sight, thankfully. My 5 bridesmaids and I got our hair done early and we headed back to my home to get our makeup done.

These last few hours as a Miss were really beautiful. It was filled with laughs and banter over old memories. Honestly, the last few hours before I headed down the aisle were so cherished. I wasn’t nervous or stressed. It just felt like we were having a pamper party in my mother’s bedroom.  Being comfortable, dressed in something comfortable with people who put you at ease and make you laugh is fantastic medicine for any bride.



A few months before the wedding, I was approached by a lovely designer based in Durban, Can-Designz. We did this amazing collaboration together and she was so lovely. These gowns added to my beautiful day and it was such a great gift for my bridesmaids as well.

I still wear mine today. Yes, I am bride forever now. #LOL!

The process was so easy. We simply had to select a color for our gowns as well as a design. We sent in our measurements by filling in a form which was no fuss at all. This was great because Y’all know, planning a wedding is stressful. We went with a simple gown in the colors dusty pink and soft pink. I chose to add my bridesmaid’s names on the back so they could wear it forever. I found that touch to be pretty cool. We worn our gowns whilst getting our makeup done and we took some lovely pictures before we got dressed.

The gowns are of such great quality. Very soft to the touch and they do not crease easily.

If you would like Can-Designz to add the cherry on top of your pre-wedding beauty session, visit their website by clicking here. Give them some love on their social pages by clicking HERE and HERE.