Hello Hello Hello (I typed this with Count Olof’s voice in my head – LOL). It is midweek madness guys, please forgive me. Anyhoo, I am bringing you a lovely post and some wise advice. Ladies, you need to take one day out of each week – be it an hour, 30 minutes or a full day to just be a lady. I have found that weekly pamper sessions are a must. This is when I spend much deserved alone time, doing a deep facial, hair mask and a quick manicure and pedicure. I usually do this on a Sunday afternoon or quiet Saturday morning. This is not only good for my skin, hair, and nails but for my mental state and soul. Since I always talk about skin care and beauty stuff, I thought it was overdue that I share my top nail polish colors for Spring/Summer 2017.

SS17 Nail Polish Shades with Essence

We all know that getting our nails ‘did’ can take up so much time. I have found that Essence the Gel Nail Polish has saved me so much time and effort. They come in an array of colors which I own (Do not judge me). This summer I will be pulling out all the stops because, the closure I get to December, the better I feel. Okay, I am making no sense now. Here are my favorite colors.

  1. Do You Speak Love?

Many ladies are a sucker for red lipstick. Well, I am a fool for red nail polish. With my skin tone, it just seems to pop- this has been said to me. It is a special color because I was wearing this shade, the day I got engaged to Emmanuel. So, my answer the question “Do you speak love?” Hell, Yeah, I do.

  1. Pretty Cool Life

I think the name of these shades is speaking life to me hey. This color is so ladylike and cute. I love wearing it for beach days because it looks so cool in clear ocean water. I will be rocking this post-December 9th (This is when I am finally on Holiday). Funny enough this week I decided to fool myself into believing it was December already – so I put this shade on.

  1. Sweet as Candy

Summer date night nails will be nothing without this color. I usually go all out when I wear a soft, nude color like this by adding some glitter on my ring finger. My heart is always happy wearing this shade. I work with my hands a lot, either tying on a computer or shooting (Hand Modelling is a thing when your fiancé is an Instagramer). Wearing this shade just makes me want to check my own hands out. Just try it, ladies.