For the past 6 months, I have been journeying with this wonderful hair care brand, MUK – have I told you about that yet? Just kidding, I know I talk about them all the time. I only do so because I find their products simply amazing.

I have a very difficult head of hair. It has moods of its own and some days it doesn’t want to cooperate or be obedient. Styling it myself can be a challenge sometimes and with my hectic schedule, making it to the salon is impossible. So I took to using many of the MUK Hair care styling products to tame my mane.

When I do fashion shoots I never take the time to comment on the different hairstyles and what I use to get my hair in shape. It is all about the clothes so I finally got to sit down and talk about the process of getting my hair camera ready. I found it appropriate to talk about the different MUK products that I use when styling my hair. Be it waves, be it curls or the straight blow-out.

Some of the styles in this post were done by my amazingly talented stylist Vicky at Silverstars Hair and Beauty in Summerstrand.

HOT MUK – Heat Protecting Spray and Serum

These 2 wonderful products are what I use on a weekly basis be it in the salon or at home. When you are blow drying and straightening your hair it is important to protect your hair from heat damage. The Hot Muk range is perfect for everyday use.






This is my favorite product out of the MUK Styling range. It is so soft to the touch, unlike other pomades. When I was younger I thought hair gel was the only product that you could use to sleek back your hair. I finally was introduced to the Slick Muk Pomade and it smells so good. I usually use it on my hair on day 3 to lock in sheen and keep my style in. A little goes a long way, always remember that.





This one is brand new and I have been using lately especially to hold my curls. So I take a little bit and rub it on the tip of my fingers working it into my curls. I must say it has been working well for these windy Port Elizabeth days.


DNM 014-1


HARD MUK – Styling Shampoo

I lack texture. On day one my hair can be very limp and flat. This shampoo is really good for adding that extra bit of texture, making my hair easier to style especially on photoshoot days when my style needs to stay in for a while.

KINKY MUK – Curl Amplifier

You know I love me some curly hair. As I have very straight hair I need all the help I can get. This product is great as you can use it for the natural curl look which I will try in spring. But for now, it really works well on dry hair especially on the 4th or 5th day when you hair is a bit oily and lifeless. It is a really great product to add texture to your curls and hold it in. My hair always curls better when its got that natural oil feel.


LSP 020-1



DRY MUK- Styling Paste

Last but not least, second to the Slick Muk, the Dry Muk Paste is great to use when you have oily flat hair and want to add a bit of life to your roots. I love using it when my hair is straight and I want to tame fly away hairs.



I have a passion for hair styling and I will be doing video tutorials later this month, showing you step by step how to achieve these easy hairstyles. I am really excited about this project and I cannot wait to share it with you.

To get your hands on these amazing products visit Silver Stars Hair and Beauty in Summerstand. Their stylists are always keen to help you select the best MUK product for your needs and preferences. You can also visit their branch in West End, Port Elizabeth. There they have an amazing barber shop, catering to all your male styling needs.

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