Swiitch it up with Swiitch Beauty

Hey Hey Hey, how are you all? I have missed you all so much. Blogging really took a back seat this past two weeks. But I have been spending much needed time with my family. Our lives can get really hectic and it is just wonderful to take the time out to remind myself what is important. However, I have missed my keyboard and camera so it is only appropriate I give you my thoughts on a brand that has helped me up my makeup game by like 1000. I found them on Instagram whilst looking for makeup inspiration. Fate led me to the amazing brand that is Swiitch Beauty.

My oh, my to say I am in love is an understatement when it comes to this brand. Not only has their Instagram feed given me makeup goals in life but they also sell the most amazing products. I was watching one of my favorite bloggers and she did the most amazing eyeshadow look with the #Slayfordays eyeshadow palette. At this stage of my life, I only wore one color of shadow at a time and had no clue how to blend multiple shades together.

Thankful there are awesome bloggers to help this blogger in training out. I got myself Swiitch Beauty’s shadow brush set and the #Slayfordayspalette and I am on my way to being a shadow master. The pigments are so rich and bright. What is wonderful about this palette is the texture of the shimmer shades are so smooth and blends perfectly with the matte shades.

Recently I have been getting a number of compliments on my glowing skin. Well, I owe it all to the #glowgasmpalette and their famous Contour Brush. Again, the pigment is so bright and long lasting that one application per day has you glowing for hours. It really works well with my Revlon color stay foundation as well. These 2 products are really complementary.

I give these products and tools a solid 20/10 for both affordability and value for money as well as quality. To see all their goodies visit their online store here.

Product List:

#SlayforDaysPalette: R350

#Glowgasmpalette: R450

#Blend8 Shadow Brush Set: R300

#G38 Contour Brush: R199