Man Oh, Man! I have not done a fashion post in the longest time. I am really sorry my lovelies. It has been such a busy time – doing work for clients and starting a new job. Plus, getting married is really hard work. We are about 24 days away from the wedding and things just got super real. However, I have really missed putting fashion content together on the blog. Thankfully, I have been keeping you guys updated on my YouTube Channel (Click HERE to subscribe). Lately, I have been on this heavy monochrome trend. What is this monochrome trend, you ask? Let’s get into it.


a photograph or picture developed or executed in black and white or in varying tones of only one color.
Disclaimer – getting into this trend is really hard. I mean sticking to one color isn’t easy at all. At this very moment so many prints are in and keeping to one color palette can be frustrating. However, it is so easy to shop for this trend and keep to a budget. Loads of statement pieces are usually solid colors which you can then wear for years to come.
We have seen this in many forms in the last 6 months. Various shades of pink worn all at once or olive-green with a dark green. This has transcended to makeup looks as well. I for one, love this! It makes keeping your wardrobe clean and classic so much easier. Keeping to one color palette can be very difficult I know. I started my monochrome journey with black and white. This is the basic form of implementing this into your daily outfits. Recently, I have moved on to shades of pink and green. Another one of my favorite way to incorporate this into my looks is to wear shades of denim. Yes, Denim on denim is such a vibe – if done well.


  1. Select colors that suit your skin tone. If you are wearing a color that pops on you, you will feel more comfortable in it.
  2. Get the shades right. Make sure the tones compliment each other.
  3. Experiment with tones especially brighter tones with more faded tones. A good color to try this out with is grey or yellow.
  4. Be open to skin tone shades. Beige on Beige or dark brown on dark brown. This look so so good.

This trend has been so popular in terms of wearing the same color top and pants. In the recent months, this has transcended with bolder and brighter colors. But if you are like me and what to build up to other colors. Selecting shades of black and white would be the best place to start. In my attempt at the monochrome look, I wore black pants, shoes, and accessories and broke it with white. If you guys would love to see my do this trend in another color – comment below.

Also, Please share your various takes on the monochrome trend.


  • Chain and Choker – Lovisa
  • Crop Jacket – Truworths
  • Tshirt – Cotton On
  • Pants – Superbalist
  • Shoes – The Fix