On the 17th of March 2018, I was preparing myself for the most significant journey of all time. Yes, my journey to the altar was. The day was nothing but glamorous, filled with joy, laughs and silliness. Okay, I was slightly nervous, but all brides get a little nervous. My wedding day glam story started off early on the 17th, with our hair appointment. My mum, bridesmaids and I all gathered together to enjoy some girl time together and go our glam on.  Looking back on that day now, I realize there were so many elements that made my glam story stress free. These things made me so relaxed and calm before I made my way to meet my husband.

Here are my five tips for brides on their wedding day.

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TIP 1: The night before

Teeth- Whitening

If you can get to do this, it is absolutely epic and so worth it. Thankfully, I collaborated with Opalescence Go. I put in my teeth-whitening strip so that my smile could be bright on my wedding day. Alternatively, try an excellent teeth-whitening toothpaste the evening before, the morning of and just before you have your makeup done.

Mild Facial

Two days before my wedding a went for a full facial because it was highly needed. The night before I did a light glow mask to hydrate my skin. Running around making sure everything is ready can cause dehydration. So I did a quick glow mask (Lo’Real pure clay glow mask) for 15 minutes, rinsed and cleaned with a gentle wash and applied my Rooibos repair oil. No one wants the dry skin on their wedding day. I mean, its all about the wedding glow, right?

TIP 2 – The Hair Dresser

Wash your hair the day before.

Having our hair pre-washed and dried helped so much with time management. We had to be out of the salon by 11 am for our makeup session. We all went to the salon with clean and dried hair, and all they had to do was style it.

Take champagne and snacks

My bride squad and I took full advantage of our time at the salon. We enjoyed a lovely platter of snacks and popped some champagne. I highly recommend this because once you reach your ‘getting ready’ venue, time goes by so fast, you might not catch a moment to eat. It was great fun getting to eat, drink and laugh with my girls before I walked down the aisle.


TIP 3: The Makeup Session

Give your cellphone away

What relaxed me the most on the day was giving my phone to one of my bridesmaids once all my tasks were done for the morning. I then just sat and thought of what was about to happen.

Leave it to a pro

Have a professional do your wedding make up. It just eliminates extra pressure and stress as well gives you a chance to be silent and still for a couple of minutes. I spent this time praying in my head, thinking about Emmanuel and our happily ever after.

TIP 4: Getting Dressed

Shoes and Undies before anything

Put on your shoes and necessary underwear on before you have your makeup done. That way you are settled in your shoes, and you have the needed undergarments on. I had to wear this full body thing, and it worked out better to put this on before makeup, that way I didn’t mess up my face.

Mirror Mirror on the wall

Have a full-length mirror nearby to make sure your dress and veil are in perfect position and that you are ironed out well and looking your best before walking out the door, into your new forever.


HAIR: Silverstars Hair and Beauty

MAKEUP: Ayshea Seedat

GOWNS: Can- Designz

WEDDING DRESS: Kelly-Mae Dillon Bespoke

PHOTOGRAPHY: Van Bode Wedding Photography