Get car insurance by getting the best car insurance quote

One thing they never put on a wedding/honeymoon to list is getting car insurance quote!

By the time you read this, Emmanuel and I will have tied the knot. This is amazing, and we are happy. However, before we can enjoy our honeymoon road trip – a few things needed to be attended to. The most pressing matter was the pesky ‘SERVICE NOW’ light that greeted us every time we switched the car on. But we also knew that getting a car insurance quote was much-needed. Our car was talking to us and we finally listened.


Making sure our car is roadworthy is something we never really considered. Our ‘little kid car’ has been around for about 5 years now and the maintenance plan expired a while ago, so we really had no other choice but to take responsibility for it ourselves. We couldn’t use the excuse of ‘weddings are expensive’ anymore.

A few months ago, I went through the process of getting a car insurance quote from King Price. However, at the time, I thought I’d dot the Is and cross the Ts closer to the time of our trip. But then life got so busy. Thankfully, the amazing team at King Price gave me a call and shook me, because I had put this out of my mind completely.


They explained their amazing multiple car discount, which means that more cars you cover with the king, the more discount you get. This is super amazing because, with hubs being around all the time really soon, our shared car life won’t last forever. The financial peace of mind that we could get with this option appeals to us as a young working couple that’s just starting out. I mean, our car baby is getting older and older – day by day. How amazing is that with King Price my premium decreases monthly in line with the depreciating value of your car! #WINNING!

King Price is also known for its R1 insurance items (yup, you can insure some things for just R1 per month) as well as giving us the option to select an excess that suits our budget. I love the fact that they call it a seesaw. My inner child loved this idea. Higher excess, lower premium, and vice versa.

Think it is time to discuss these options with hubs and get our ‘little kid car’ covered… And maybe add a new ‘baby’ to the mix.