With Geberit Bathroom Collection

Design by Luna Life Magazine. Images provided by Geberit

2017 has really been a year of evolving. My priorities have shifted and so has my Pinterest boards. It went from hair, fashion and makeup to interior design, DIY and my dream home. This year, I am not only planning our special wedding but Emmanuel and I have been planning our needs with regards to our future home. In 6 months’ time, we will be moving into our own place. We have decided to rent from my parents – however, the space we are renting is a bare shell. No Bathroom and No Kitchen.

You are probably thinking that must be such a challenge having to fit home design into your already busy schedule. Well, I thought so but thanks to Geberit, our bathroom design has been a breeze. The team from Geberit contacted me to work on this campaign to showcase their gorgeous bathroom collection. This motivated us to start with our bathroom before moving on to other spaces. You could say their timing was impeccable.


Firstly, before consulting our design dreams we listed all the things we needed from our bathroom space.


  • Function spaces. Everything has a place and a multi-purpose function.
  • Minimalistic modern fixtures
  • Easy to clean and takes minimal floor space.

Thereafter, we considered the various bathrooms we liked and what we like about them. We narrowed down the list to these design must-haves.


  • Clean and fresh
  • Earthly tones
  • Chrome and Mirrors
  • Very Minimalistic and Modern


The team at Geberit prides themselves on bringing us bathroom designs that are fresh. When you have a fiancé with an eye for design, these things start to matter hey.  I love the way they achieve this in such a stylistic way. This design-driven brand aims to make bathroom interior design simplistic, stylistic and functional – which keeps the fiancé happy (oh and me of course)


Our bathroom space is quite narrow. We, therefore, needed to consider our space and what would work. So the fewer things that take up space the better. The concealed cistern from Geberit is very popular and I can see why no pipes = clean lines. Many times, bathroom doors are left open and that means that you or a guest will see the toilet, which usually isn’t the best-looking sight in the world. By placing the toilet out of sight and with the cistern concealed and sleek actuator (flush mechanism), this option would create the mint and crisp flow we are aiming to achieve with our bathroom layout.


Not only does Geberit create pieces for tight spaces but they also cater to those who enjoy functional spaces. We envisioned a basin set that will serve multiple purposes. The popular Icon Range appealed not only to Emmanuel’s eye for design and my eye for pretty things but also ticked the boxes for our functional needs. As you know – being a beauty reviewer, I have skin care products for…daaayyyyyys. This Geberit basin has the space I need to store all my lovely goodies.

Lastly, their wide range of bathroom cabinets made it easy for us to select our bathroom furniture. It was important that this would be uniform with the rest of the bathroom fixtures. This would store our towels perfectly as well as add to the design aesthetic of the space. Selected cabinets have a built-in mirror which will aid in creating the illusion of a bigger room – a massive drawcard for our design.

The beauty in the way Geberit designs its products is that the fixtures need not be “matchy-matchy” or from the same range. Each range could flow into the other. That’s why I selected items from both the Icon and Smyle Range. They seamlessly flowed into our design and functional needs.

Not only was the product catalog useful but we took full advantage of the bathroom inspiration found on the website. Have a look at our design board and the various bathrooms we drew elements from.

Design by Luna Life Magazine. Images provided by Geberit

Our design focuses on the clean and crisp elements from the Icon range. However, we have incorporated the earthy tones of the wooden fixtures. It is the perfect marriage *hint hint* between minimalism and the earthy tones. I believe your bathroom should be an escape. A place to unwind, cleanse and relax, and with the awesome team at Geberit, your dream space can be done no matter the size of your bathroom.

To view more bathroom inspiration or find out more about the ranges mentions and others, visit the Geberit Website here.