My darlings, I hope you are all well and that December is off to a brilliant start. I think I am starting it off well by setting some goals for myself. I know I am either too late in terms of 2017 and way too early for 2018. But I felt I need to set some foundations in place for the whirlwind of 2018 takes me. I have set these goals to not only prepare myself for the new year but to also have a beautiful send off to what has been such an emotionally and physically intense year. So here are my goals for December 2017.


  • Do 30-minute works per day and work my way up. I need to be very realistic about this. If I try to do more than that per day I will simply end up putting it off.
  • Spend my time outdoors. I want to push myself to go on more hikes or walks on the beach just to be one with nature.
  • Pick an active hobby. I want to get into doing this that require me to on my feet. My job has me at a desk all the time so I need a hobby that gets me moving.


  • Laugh more! Simple as that.
  • Spend time with people who are positive and uplifting. I am pessimistic and a complainer and I need to change this and I feel being around positive people will help. RUB OFF ON ME!
  • Increase my meditation and alone time. I have only been doing this for ten minutes a week and it just isn’t enough. I need to get back to writing and journaling. This was my safe space and I have been slacking off and not really taking stock of me.
  • Create a realistic to-do list that I can achieve in a day. Never do more than my heart, mind, and soul can handle.
  • Live in the moment and RAY CHARLES to the rest!


As of next week, I will be done with the day job. That means I will be putting all my energy on the blog and seeking out opportunities in the media space. Finally, going for the dream but I will be laying the foundation by doing the following

  • Increasing content output on my YouTube Channel and Blog
  • Improve the quality of my content by doing more courses, doing more research and learn from others that have been doing this for ages.
  • Stop comparing myself to other bloggers/youtubers. STAY IN MY LANE and DO WHAT I AM SKILLED IN.

That being said I have a massive announcement and you have to visit my YouTube channel to find out what it is.