Be safe in cyberspace… Cybersure, from King Price Insurance


My wonderful people, 2018 has hit the ground running and it’s taking us along for the ride. It’s the year of simplicity and living easy! During the month of January, I’ve realised that I do everything online, from banking to shopping to insurance… All for the easy living vibe. Who needs queues? Not me! Online is simple and easy, and exactly how I want to live life this year. However, with easy access comes a level of risk. There are always meanies lurking around. Thankfully, we needn’t worry as King Price has our backs and is getting us cyber smart and cyber sharp.

Protecting your personal info is so vital right now. It puts your mind at ease, knowing exactly how to protect yourself from cyber meanies. Some of the best ways to protect your info are creating smart passwords, being aware when using banking and shopping apps, and always considering whether something is too good to be true (because it generally is).

Scams are real and shouldn’t be ignored. Do your research before buying into anything or following a weird link. That rabbit hole can get deep so let’s ask Alice (Google) first.

My favourite way to stay #cybersmart is to create secure passwords and change them often. Use letters, numbers and symbols. Get creative, and never make them personal. Passwords are the gateway to all things so be mindful of the passwords you create and manage them with care.

Further, King Price cybersure covers your business against cyber attacks, data theft, and associated loss of income and liability. Click here to read more about cybersure, or email

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Be #cybersmart! Keep looking out for each other!