CRAFTMAS Part 2 – Emporium Craft Space –

Silkscreen Printed Tee’s

Hello, Lovelies. I hope this week has been wonderful thus far. Port Elizabeth has been pouring, which has been such a blessing. My heart goes out to those struggling with the water shortage. We should be doing everything we can to preserve water #WATERWISE!  Okay, moving forward. I do not know about you but I have now actively been counting the weeks until Christmas. As a natural gift giver, this is my favorite time of year. Merry Craftmas – I told you, Santa Luna would be back with another bag of gift ideas.  This weeks’ craftmas will be focusing on the GUYS but ladies you aren’t left out at all! The problem is, I find it a little bit of struggle to buy goodies for my brother or Emmanuel. I somehow always gravitate to getting them clothing. Which brings me to this weeks craft featured at the Emporium Craft Space.


JFK Tee’s

The amazing creative behind Just For Kick Tee’s, Kevin As Shene is an old high school friend of mine which is so cool #StThomas! His love for illustrations, design, and printing make him the best groom in the marriage between design and silk screen printing. I mean why say it if it can be said by a T-shirt. These Tee’s have real life street cred and they are too spiffy for words. JFK focuses on being graphically bold as well as being city proud. They have T-shirts dedicated to Port Elizabeth and what makes this city amazing. I reckon dads, uncles, brothers, and hubby’s alike will rock these prints with style. Not to worry ladies. We would look fine as lemon-lime in them as well.

Give JFK a follow on their facebook page here.  Here, you can stay up to date with new Tee’s being launched and other cool collaborations.

Make your way down to the Emporium Craft Space today to grab these Tee’s. You can find them at the WERK_ space in the Baakens Valley area.