Breakfast for beginners

For years my mother has been on me about how important breakfast is. When I started dating Emmanuel as well, he too pushed this breakfast agenda on me and how good is etc. etc. etc… I could not wrap my mind around eating early in the day. I mean usually, my days begin at about 5:30 or 6:00 and the first thing I am meant to do, is have something to eat. I could never do it – especially when I was still at school. The first break would be around 10:00 in the morning so now my body is for all time programmed to only what food at 10:00. Since I started university and working and all that jazz I have realized how much I actually needed to get into the habit of having something to eat before I leave the house. With a class that starts at 7:45, going to work and having no time to eat in-between, breakfast has officially become the important meal of the day – as it should be. However, I have realized that I am not a fried food breakfast person. So I have put together some options for those that find having to breakfast a bit of a challenge. This will introduce the notion to you with ease. I found these to be my favorite breakfast options. They are quite light and yet very filling for the Breakfast Beginner.



This is number one because it has been my go-to option for a while now. It is so refreshing to wake up early in the morning grab a bowl, pour my muesli, drizzle it with amazing fruit (mixed berry is my favorite) yogurt and enjoy. It is so simple and effortless. This kind of breakfast is perfect for me as it gives me more time to do my hair and makeup in the morning which takes ages. This is a breakfast you could build on by adding fresh fruit.

This is a breakfast I enjoy having with a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice – Very refreshing.


Now I will admit this next option is an acquired taste. At first, I was not into the idea of rice cakes but I realized very quickly how good it is with some peanut butter and a side of the sliced apple. You could have this with cream cheese or hummus. It is pretty good and with no added fat, it is a win-win in the end, don’t you think.

I love having this with a strong cup of coffee or cappuccino. It is also good with tea as I have been told. #notateafan




This is was probably the first thing I learned to cook and it is Emmanuel’s absolute favorite. So on my day’s off when I have a bit more time to spend in the kitchen, scrambled egg is my go to option. I mean too much muesli and rice cakes can get old very quickly so every now and then I switch it up. I love adding chili to my eggs, giving it an extra kick. We all know what a great combo tomatoes and cheese are, so scramble your eggs, add some chili, dice your tomato, pop it in and finally serve and grate some cheese on top – YUMMY NO? – YES!

Because is it quite a hearty meal for so early in the day. I have a bottle of water 45mins before to alert my tummy that goodness is on the way.

TIP: When you wake up to have 2-4 glasses of water. It is so good for you especially when you are not used to having breakfast and it is wonderful for your healthy in general. Have a couple of more glasses throughout the day and you will begin to feel and see the difference as well.