You know when you have a good meal and you cannot stop thinking about it days after you had it? This is my situation right about now. It is Tuesday and my heart is still longing for the yummy goodness I enjoyed on Sunday. Our Sunday evening got a massive upgrade from our usual chill on the couch, getting ready for the 8 pm movie. The people behind Food in PE and Harald’s (private chef/cater) has brought us something vibrant and fresh. The Supper Club – a fine dining experience. This 3rd installment of this pop-up restaurant brought to us by Marina Sea Salt – is something to behold.

The Supper Club – A Fine Dining Experience

Walking into the lovely minimalistic set dining area – we were welcomed by a vast view of the ocean. The Willows Resort was the perfect setting for a wintery evening of food and conversation. We started the evening watching the waves, sipping on delicious Triple Three Gin and Pink Tonic by Finch&Leeds.

I have always reckoned myself to be quite a foodie so I was really excited to chow down.

We started our culinary experiences with a delicious Weiss beer from the gents over at Kasbeer. It was just smooth – not like your everyday beer. I am not much of a beer fan but this really opened my mind to the idea. This is what I love about attending such affairs. It allows me to expand my palette. The team from My Friend & Co. whipped up a deliciously balanced menu, taking inspirations from their travels to Asia as well as their formative years on the West Coast of South Africa. Each dish was paired with a wine from MT Vernon Wines. I particularly enjoyed their dry Rose.


The menu consisted of flavors indigenous to South Africa particularly in the main course. A lovely pickled Brahman beef hump was served. This was accompanied with the greatest salad in the history of salads – Orange infused Waldorf.  I would eat a whole bowl of the stuff for the rest of my life. I want to take it to Vegas and marry it. Another winner for me was the starter – Seafood will always win. We enjoyed lovely East Coast Crayfish with West Coast Mussels, Vietnamese style. The flavors were tangy and sticky with a hint of peanut and coriander.

Last but not at all least… Dessert.

I think everyone’s diet went out the window and into the ocean. We feasted our eyes and tummy’s on the Harvest Sweet Table. Everything from cheese cake to Pavlova was presented to us in the most beautiful spread. I, of course, had a bit of everything. The resident cake lady of PE, Tabita – previous owner of Friendly Stranger pulled out all the stops and rounded off this delectable meal.

The Supper Club is by far something each of us needs to experience at least once every 3 months. It is a wonderful spin on date night or night out with the girls/guys. The food culture in Port Elizabeth has grown and events, like the Supper Club, is feeding this boom. As for me, I am making this event my monthly foodication.

Follow the Supper Club to hear more about this monthly event. In association with Marina Seas Salt, Harald’s, and Food In PE.